Welcome to CogInfoCom 2013
Conference venue: Danubius Hotel Flamenco (1111 Budapest, Tas vezér utca 3-7. Hungary)

Book your accommodation at Danubius Hotel Flamenco via the Official Booking Form of the Conference (CLICK HERE) to receive special low rates including the following additional benefits: buffet breakfast, free WiFi, use of sauna, swimming pool, Danubius Premiere Fitness room and all taxes.

Please note: As the number of available rooms are limited and bookings are processed in the sequence of their receipt by the hotel, please make sure that you book your accommodation as soon as possible by 18 November, 2013. If you wish to prolong your stay at this special rate you may do so by adding 2 days prior or after 1-5 December, 2013.


CogInfoCom is a new interdisciplinary field of science defined as follows:
Cognitive infocommunications (CogInfoCom) investigates the link between the research areas of infocommunications and cognitive sciences, as well as the various engineering applications which have emerged as the synergic combination of these sciences. The primary goal of CogInfoCom is to provide a systematic view of how cognitive processes can co-evolve with infocommunications devices so that the capabilities of the human brain may not only be extended through these devices, irrespective of geographical distance, but may also interact with the capabilities of any artificially cognitive system. This merging and extension of cognitive capabilities is targeted towards engineering applications in which artificial and/or natural cognitive systems are enabled to work together more effectively.
For further information please visit the home-site at www.coginfocom.hu

The 3rd IEEE Intl' Conference on Cognitive Infocommunicaitons (CogInfoCom'12) was very successful: 331 authors have contributed publications, 163 lectures were held along with 23 demonstrations from 100 institutions and industrial representatives of 28 countries.