Those who would like to propose a track (one track includes minimum 3 sessions - and one session includes 4 presentations) in order to introduce the new scientific results of their fields or large scale international projects are warmly welcome.

Already registered Tracks:

  1. CogInfoCom aided engineering, Organizer: Wei D. Solvang, NUC
  2. Vision capabilities of infocommunication networks, Organizer: Zsolt Jankó, MTA-SZTAKI
  3. Cognitive capabilities of social networks, Organizer: Gábor Vattay, ELTE
  4. Multimodal Communicative Signals: Behavioural and Algorithimic Issues (LangTERRA project), Organizers: Anna Esposito (UNINA2/IIASS), Maria Koutsombogera (ILSP), Harris Papageorgiou (ILSP), Klara Vicsi (BME)
  5. Interactive man-machine communication through multiple human senses, Organizers: Mihoko Niitsuma (CHUO), Trygve Thomessen (PPM AS)
  6. Diversity of cognitive information and communication issues supported by visualization and interaction techniques (VISIONAIR Project), Organizer: Frédéric Noël, G-INP
  7. Already registered Workshop: Cognitive Infocommunications for the Future Internet, Organizers: Gyula Sallai and György Terdik
  8. Cognitive Aspects in the Future Internet Research, Services and Technology (FIRST project), Organizers: János Sztrik and György Terdik
  9. Chapters of the Future Internet Science and Engineering, Organizers: Peter Bakonyi and Gyula Sallai
  10. Customizable content management for Future Internet applications, Organizer: András Hajdu, DE
  11. Speech and multimodal interactions, Organizers: Helen Meng (CUHK), Nick Campbell (TCD), Géza Németh (BME TMIT)
  12. Cognitive Mobile Applications and Services, Organizer: Hassan Charaf, BME AUT
Already registered Sessions:
  1. Multimodal Cognitive Stroke Therapy by Robots and by Haptic Actuators (COSMOSYS Project), Organizer: Gábor Stépán (BME MMT)
  2. Cognitive acausal representations

To initiate a new track, please send an e-mail with the proposed topic to ieee.coginfocom2013 at If you have a date preference for the presentations, you may also indicate it in your e-mail and the organizers will try to consider it during the scheduling of the event.

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